Step Out Of Bed! Smart alarm clock to get awake early with a tricky and awakening steps counter - Best alarm app to wake up on time with alarmy music ringtone App Reviews

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Its good

Pretty good for what I was judging it. Different but I need many to wake up and this one does it.

Review forced

Paid app forces you to write a review to unlock features? Fine. Heres your review.

Genius app

Finally - I am breaking my snooze button addiction!

Great idea! Sometimes.

Now I dont have any excuse. No more snoozing and being late for me. Except that when the phone is on vibrate the alarm wont sound. It just vibrates. I usually keep my phone on vibrate because when Im not working, Im at school or somewhere I cant have my phone ring at, and I dont always remember to put it back to sound at night. Please fix that issue and youll definitely get my 5 stars.


Original and unique - an effective, yet fresh approach on an every day task

One annoying problem

No matter what, if I pick my own song, I CANNOT control how loud the alarm is!! I understand its to prevent you from falling back asleep, but I need it to be quiet enough so it only awakes me, and not everyone in the house! I need to fully cover the speaker with my thumbs to quiet it! Very hard to control this aspect, doesnt have a "default volume" setting. Possible with given songs, but they are so cheesy and jarring. Wont be using this until they fix it.


Works the first time and when you shake for snooze, after that a text comes on with no alarm. Tried everything to no prevail. Dont waste your money on this. Its ridiculous!

Good App

Has a little bit of learning curve to understand the app. Once I did, it will definitely get you out of bed

Good but not great

It works for the most part, its not the most user friendly, their have been a couple times where I missed a step in setting up the alarm and it didnt go off. Mostly its good but their are still bugs to be worked out.

It Works

When I asked my sister how she was waking up at 5:30 every morning to work out, she mentioned Step Out. I figured anything that can wake my sister up can sure as heck get me out of bed and, for sure, Step Out can. It wakes me up on time ahead forces me to walk around the house before itll shut off. This app is a game changer for morning challenged people like myself.



Annoying but supposed to be

Does what it advertises

They force you to write a review to change the background.

Thats why this review is being written. I think the developers just genuinely like to annoy people. The alarm is annoying, because you have to walk to shut the thing up.

It Works!

This is the only alarm that actuality gets me up in the morning. I keep snoozing and sleeping through other alarms.

The best alarm app out there

You have to get off your bed and walk to turn this thing off , you can cheat it but not everytime , you have an option to take a picture to shut the alarm off which compensates for its motion detector and also choose the number of steps you want to walk to disable the alarm , the only backdrop is if you enable a screen lock , and if the alarm goes off you have to unlock your phone for it to start detecting your steps , but when you get to the unlock screen where you have enter the passcode , it goes to silent kind of like a snooze , but I dont want snooze , so I had to disable my phone lock , this is the only thing you need to wake up in the morning other than your decision to wake up in the morning


So im pretty bad at getting up when my alarm goes off, this however, pretty much forces you to get up when it wants you too. It works WAAAYY better than I thought it would. I was skeptical that anything had the balls to wake me out of bed, well this thing not only forces you to get up and count steps, but it knows when youre cheating and makes you start over.. Very clever . 10/10

Super awesome!

Really gets me out of bed.

As someone who is more likely to turn off an alarm than to listen to it, I needed this.

Also, the backgrounds are wonderful and the app is (as far as I can tell) very well made. Redownloaded it once again, still love the backgrounds! Hoping itll help.

This app is awesome!

I have narcolepsy, and am notorious for snoozing without being awake enough to realize it so this prevents me from doing that. I love the picture function for the alarms it forces me out of bed.

Will see

Havent used app yet. Had to review to change background

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