Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock App Reviews

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Has asked for a review before even using it?! I can say it functions, so far.

Love this app!

This app is exactly what Ive needed to WAKE UP without hitting snooze endlessly. Feels ahhhh-mazing to have these extra pushes to keep me on a much needed consistent sleep schedule :)


Love it! Easy to use.

Need to review to access

I have high hopes. If it works Ill adjust from 3 stars. Theres got to be something out there that I cant sleep through.... Its not asking for a 5 star to unlock at least!

I love the idea

I love the idea of this app I really love it and recommend it

Havent used it

I havent actually woken up with it yet so I dont know if it works but it wants me to review to unlock new backgrounds so.

The best alarm app out there

You have to get off your bed and walk to turn this thing off , you can cheat it but not everytime , you have an option to take a picture to shut the alarm off which compensates for its motion detector and also choose the number of steps you want to walk to disable the alarm , the only backdrop is if you enable a screen lock , and if the alarm goes off you have to unlock your phone for it to start detecting your steps , but when you get to the unlock screen where you have enter the passcode , it goes to silent kind of like a snooze , but I dont want snooze , so I had to disable my phone lock , this is the only thing you need to wake up in the morning other than your decision to wake up in the morning


not bad


Best app to get me up in the morning

Great App!

So easy to use. The features are interesting on how they work.

Seems OK so far

I will edit my review after a thorough use of the app


One star for holding app features hostage just for a rating. You want a rating that badly? Youve got one.

Great App- Some bugs but practical

Problems: -phone cant be on silent for alarm to function -app crashes from time to time Great app in general, gets the job done.

Only rating so I can use the app

The app makes you rate it before you can REALLY use it. Ill be using it for the first time tomorrow morning. So Ill update how well it works in a few days. I need something that will MAKE me get out of bed before the last minute I have to leave for work. The only reason I even downloaded this is because it was free for the day thanks to "appsgonefree" I wouldnt have paid for it. It should be free. I think all apps are over priced if they cost more than a penny. Just my 2 cents...haha no pun intended, but a happy coincidence

Free content

Im just reviewing this app so I can get free content.

So far so good!

As long as Ive been using this app (which is admittedly not too long), it has really helped me to wake up! It really is the stepping that gets me up and moving to the point where I feel like, "Why bother going back to bed?" Ive been so productive since Ive been getting up bight and early. Great app and I look forward to more early morning thanks in no small part to it.

Does not function

The steps counter thinks I am cheating when I am not.

Doesnt work

The alarm does not go off. I just get notifications on the lock screen. Once I unlock the phone the alarm goes off. You can also just force quit the app to turn off the alarm

It disturbed my sleeping

This app definitely wakes you up because you no where can stop this app, even this is a irritating way but helpful. You have to walk steps physically(I tried to fake the steps but no use) may be it is calculating my steps by using sensors or gps?


It wakes me up and I think its great sometimes though it can get annoying

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