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Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7776 ratings )
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Developer: WeHelp
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.6, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 11 Aug 2013
App size: 56.71 Mb

• 500,000 HAPPY USERS cant be wrong! Just wake up and bring it away from your bed, AUTO-dismiss!

√ Finally! An alarm that irritates me enough to wake up
√ Exceptional App!! This app is super super annoying... It really gets me out of bed
√ Love it. Its the best alarm ever
√ Great Alarm! Been having trouble getting up. No more!
√ This app is so easy to use, and has all the perfect functions! Ill never be late again!

√ Definitely one of the more “annoying” alarms to help you get up and out of bed in the morning. –
√ If you are the kind of person who has a difficult time waking up after you’ve turned off your alarm, this app may help keep you from being late for work. - iDownloadBlog

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As the name "Step Out!" implied, the only way you can turn off this alarm clock is STEPPING out of your bed (you still can snooze - in a limited duration). It uses advanced image recognition and step tracking technologies to check whether you’re far away from your bed.

After ringing, the app asks you to capture another photo of a specified place, it should be where you usually be every time you wake up, such as the bathroom, the kitchen, ... So you just take a photo and do your routine work like washing your face or preparing breakfast.

Another alternative is using the step counter, which simplifies this process into just nothing. You wake up and go to wherever you want with the device. After reaching enough number of steps, the alarm will automatically turn off. It’s simply a smarter alarm with no additional action., You’ll love using it from the very first time.


o Wake up with your favorite songs
o Listen to them when moving

o Easy setup with hand-drawn mini-game
o Repeating rule for daily, weekly alarms
o Built-in alarm sounds
o Snooze, Vibrate, Fade-in & Volume for the perfect experience

o Innovative motion tracking system to sense your steps
o Smart anti-cheat system to make sure that you are stepping

**IMPORTANT: We do not encourage our users to step so fast when you are not totally awake, this app will just recognize the steps when you aren’t walking too fast.

o State-of-the-art image recognizing engine
o Can match both horizontal and vertical pictures
o Strict image comparison to assure you’re leaving your bed and your eyes opened wide enough to take the right picture.

**HINT: Choose a scene that has a stable light condition for better matching results.

o Fall asleep with music
o Auto-lock and ready for next alarm

o Easy to find way through the dark when you are stepping

o Full feature clock
o Show/hide seconds, 24 hour format, …

Pros and cons of Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock app for iPhone and iPad

Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock app good for

This app is exactly what Ive needed to WAKE UP without hitting snooze endlessly. Feels ahhhh-mazing to have these extra pushes to keep me on a much needed consistent sleep schedule :)
I love the idea of this app I really love it and recommend it
You have to get off your bed and walk to turn this thing off , you can cheat it but not everytime , you have an option to take a picture to shut the alarm off which compensates for its motion detector and also choose the number of steps you want to walk to disable the alarm , the only backdrop is if you enable a screen lock , and if the alarm goes off you have to unlock your phone for it to start detecting your steps , but when you get to the unlock screen where you have enter the passcode , it goes to silent kind of like a snooze , but I dont want snooze , so I had to disable my phone lock , this is the only thing you need to wake up in the morning other than your decision to wake up in the morning
So easy to use. The features are interesting on how they work.
Problems: -phone cant be on silent for alarm to function -app crashes from time to time Great app in general, gets the job done.
As long as Ive been using this app (which is admittedly not too long), it has really helped me to wake up! It really is the stepping that gets me up and moving to the point where I feel like, "Why bother going back to bed?" Ive been so productive since Ive been getting up bight and early. Great app and I look forward to more early morning thanks in no small part to it.

Some bad moments

One star for holding app features hostage just for a rating. You want a rating that badly? Youve got one.
The alarm does not go off. I just get notifications on the lock screen. Once I unlock the phone the alarm goes off. You can also just force quit the app to turn off the alarm
Out of 7 days it worked 4. Make sure you have a backup alarm set. Great idea but flawed implementation.
The alarm stopped going off everyday and I am pretty upset about that.
I just started, havent even took a step yet. Sitting here getting to know the app & seen that I could change my background color. In order for me to get the color I wanted I had to write a review before it would allow me to do so. Sorry, but just doing a color change just doesnt seem like enough for me to leave a good or even a bad review. Once I have had a chance to actually experience the app I will be more then happy to do so. Hoping I will be able to leave a good one.
Works the first time and when you shake for snooze, after that a text comes on with no alarm. Tried everything to no prevail. Dont waste your money on this. Its ridiculous!

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